Zafu Cushion

Zafu cushion (or pillow) is a piece of human creativity with interesting story and it affects fair share of people around the globe.

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Why and how is Zafu used during meditation

Green ZafuYou may meditate in many positions, but sitting won it in most cultures and ages. While you sit, it is required, that there is nothing that pull your mind away - so you have to feel comfortably. Buckwheat or kapok filled zafu is firm, but it accommodates to your bottom.

While sitting in Lotus of half-Lotus (Burmese), something that holds the body a bit above knees is needed because most people would feel slight pain without it. Zafu is usually  used with Zabuton which is a big thin pillow that makes the knees soft support. It is easier to meditate with zafu and zabuton than without…

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What is meditation

Everyone meditates, some people do so consciously, sitting on nice place, actively flushing the mind. Others go fishing, dancing or whatever - people tend to clean up instinctively and the only thing you gain by doing it purposefully is higher efficiency.

Our minds are not omnipotent, they have to rest and forget to be able to absorb new things. While we sleep, our minds replay last day and create the long term memory, so sleep is not enough. If you dance and stop thinking about about anything, if you focus only on the timid water and stop thinking, if stop thinking, then you meditate.

For most people this state of being is not achievable consciously at once without any practice. One has to go step by step from helpers like music and unconscious meditation to get the ability to turn off anywhere for time one has. Once you get it, you are able to face any challenge easier.

Because we lost the good feeling of ourselves

Because of that, most people tend to present themselves as what they think, they should be to get publicly popular - sometimes the guess is right, sometimes wrong. It is exactly where media pushes you - to feel like a looser who need much help and assistance with everything.


Why do people describe themselves in the most untrue way?

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If i had a job i know i wouldn’t even think about going back to College :/

As long as you don’t find something you could know, if you didn’t. And it could be too late then…

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Cats love Zafu cushion. This one is five times old as the cats - 10 years of service&#8230;

Cats love Zafu cushion. This one is five times old as the cats - 10 years of service…

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If Pokemon were real.


and instead of anything that requires math today, you would be fighting with pokemon - no cars, no airplanes, no houses, just pokemon everywhere… nice vision :)

Everything you could learn now is far better than anything you will have to learn in the future and the ore you achieve while at school, the easier your life will go afterwards. Being voluntarily stupid is not the best start.


I really wish that this world had pokemon. 
Like in school, instead of useless classes like math, we could have a pokemon catching class.
Like we learn about the different kinds of pokeballs, and then we have feildtrips to like pokemon gyms and towers where there are battles.

What a world.
Walking through the grass and coming across a pikachu.
That would be sick.  

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mohandas Gandhi